Document creation typo

When creating a document, documentation stated the request content type should be application/json but its supposed to be multipart/form-data. Sending a base64 encoded string will not work.
Here is a code example to create a document.


Payslips endpoint deprecation

The payslips endpoint was used to retrieve the list of all existing payslips for a company. Do to refactors on the service, this service should not be used on new implementations although it will remain available for backwards compatibility.


Information about the token holder

We have documented the /me endpoint, which will give you information on the current user that owns the OAuth2 request access token

/hiring_versions deprecated

We are currently working hard on improving the contract structure, which will bring many awesome capabilities to Factorial! This, of course, involves a great refactor.

Hello webhooks!

Since today, we have enabled webhooks to subscribe to events that take place in Factorial. You can check the webhooks API documentation here.

Factorial v1.0 is out!

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for factorial! We just launched the first version of our public API.