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Is there any option to embed or integrate job application forms?

Hello, I've been reading the Factorial docs trying to find a way to embed a job application form in the website of one of our clients but I haven't found a way to do that. Is this feature available? If there's no way to do this at the moment, are you planning to include an endpoint in the v2 of your API to deal with the hiring process? I've seen in another discussion post that you are working on the new version and it will be helpful to know it and to also know when it will be public. Thanks in advance!

Fotografía empleado

Actualmente el api no devuelve este dato. La foto del emplezado. ¿Tenéis pensado incorporarlo próximamente?

Error al intantar subir un documento para firmar con la API

Al utilizar la API para subir un archivo indicando los usuarios que tienen que firmar el documento la petición devuelve un error indicando que no puede convertir el ID en un valor de tipo Integer 'Could not coerce value ("[111111]") of type (String) to desired type (Integer)'. Utilizando el ejemplo de https://docs.factorialhr.com/reference/createdocument muestra el mismo error

/custom_fields/values not working properly

Hello, i noticed that /custom_fields/values is not working properly. In my case, i have a function that gives me a certain custom field but a day ago it started to give me a different custom field as a result. I used the API reference page and the same error happened. Thanks.