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Es posible conectarse a la base de datos Factorial con PowerBI para fines de informes

Buenos dias, necesitamos acceder a Factorial desde PowerBi con el fin de poder sacar informes de personal y poder cruzarlos con otros datos

Is it possible to connect to Factorial database con PowerBI for reporting purposes?


Fichar con sistemas biométricos y teletrabajo

Hola a todos. Tengo un sistema biométrico BioLite N2, y me preguntaba si es posible conectar, cuando se realiza la autenticación a través de este sistema cuente en factorial. Y alguna solución para teletrabajo, a través de un código QR o a través de un inicio de sesión que se pueda contabilizar como por ejemplo en outlook?. Gracias.

Getting employees attendance via API

Hello, I want to get employees attendance via API but I do not find the proper function. Would be possible to get employee attendance via API?

Authoriation code for API

Hello I am creating a bot to automate a few functionalities with Factorial. I get the authorization code from the Oauth application page as specified in the documentation: ``` You can also request an authorization code directly from the Oauth application page, useful in cases of integrations with a single user like an external API. ``` But when I try to get the access token for a second time it returns a 400 error code and I have to generate a new authorization code from the website, and it will only work for the first request. My question is: How can I get an authorization code that doesn´t change for every request, so I can use it from my server application without the need to change it every time?

CORS issue

Having CORS issue with the API. Factorial doesn't provide Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header on the response.

Access token is generated but cannot retrieve data as it gives a 403 Forbidden Error

Hi, I was able to generate an access token for my application but I cannot retrieve any data from the APIs as it pops up an error 403 Forbidden. Can someone help me to resolve this error, Thanks in advance

402 Forbidden access to a paid resource

I'm getting this error. Can't find any reference on the guides or reference about that.

/custom_fields/values not working properly

Hello, i noticed that /custom_fields/values is not working properly. In my case, i have a function that gives me a certain custom field but a day ago it started to give me a different custom field as a result. I used the API reference page and the same error happened. Thanks.

Custom fields for employees not available through API

As an admin user I am retrieving the employees information through the API to sync it with our current system; but I do not get all the extended fields we have added (custom fields) to the employee record. Is there a way to get that information through the API?

Get employee_id from the token

I'm trying to get the leaves of the employee who is doing the request, but I need the employee_id, which I don't know how to get. Is there any kind of resource in the API to get the id of the requester?